Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015 update

"Me on a hill that we climbed for the last preparation day! Man was that cool... i'm not leaning on that rock behind me!"

"some milk and cookies that we were able to enjoy thanks in part to a package I received and part from the members here in San Borja"

"Members of the ward mission coordination meeting"

"Those at the baptism!"  What an awesome looking group!! :)

"Cool napkin I found here in Lima!"
Elder Reed's letter was short this week, but he sent lots of cool pictures! :)  From Elder Reed:

"Howdy there Neighbor (put name here),

This week was awesome! We had a bunch of stuff happen: we had divisions with our District Leader, he interviewed an investigator for baptism, and she was baptized on Saturday! The really cool part was the amount of people that were there at the service. I think we finally got across to the ward the importance of supporting the souls who have begun the same journey we are in. 

This week was also really special because now we know that the members in the ward trust us! What a great feeling it is!

We have also found many people who are willing to get their spiritual motors running again [- one in particular comes to mind]! We were even able to walk to church with him and commit him to speak with the Bishop this Wednesday! :)

Sorry this letter is so short, but just know that all is well here in San Borja :) .   See you next week! 

Elder Reed"


NOTE from Elder Reed's Mom: I know there were serious earthquakes in Chile a few days ago, which isn't really that far from where Elder Reed is (tsunami/ocean effects are a possibility there in Lima) yet I feel at ease in my heart, even though we don't have word if anyone in the Lima area was affected. We are praying for all those who live in the area of Chile affected by this devastating event, praying for them to have peace and comfort during this difficult time. Every prayer helps! If you feel inclined, offer up a prayer for them as well. Miracles can happen through prayer!

Until next week..... remember that the blessings of the Lord are for each of us, and that He loves us all more than we can understand.