Friday, September 4, 2015

Aug 31st, 2015 update

Time is flying by so quickly! 11 months through now, and soon it will be a year in the mission field! WOW! :)

Elder Reed was so incredibly excited in his letter this week - they were blessed to have Elder David A. Bednar come and visit with their mission! He also had some really exciting opportunities as well! From his weekly letter to his Mission President hat he shared with us:

"This week, Elder Maxwell and I as a companionship saw a large number (very large indeed) of miracles in San Borja this week! First off, we were, by divine revelation, placed together as companions. Secondly, from day 1 of our time together, we have been progressing bastante [quite a lot] with our investigators and we have even set a baptismal date with her after receiving a TON of reasons why she couldn't accept one! Thirdly, we have had a varon [man] accompany us to every appointment that didn't fall through!

Fourth, we met a lady in the street that wanted us to pray for her, but had great difficult listening to us about what we teach and why we teach about a Restoration! After my companion and I explained to her more on the subject, she seemed more interested and accepted the phone number of the Elderes in Limatambo. Then when we ended, we asked if she knew anyone that was having problems in their life that could benefit from the knowledge of a restoration. She started to say no, but, as we watched her think, something in her eyes changed and we could tell that Espiritu Santo [the Holy Ghost] was working in her and she led us right to another lady who couldn't meet with us at that moment, but we will be coming back!

Fifth, We were blessed to be in the presence of Elder David A. Bednar and wow... I thought I was about to explode with happiness with what he told us we could do and the blessings we would receive from following through it as devoted agents of the Lord and not just objects to be acted upon!  Sixth, this Sunday was the BEST!!!!!!! I've never felt so charged from a Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles class! The teacher changed the topic last second to the Restoration and it was perfect for one of our investigators! It helped strengthen her testimony and mine!

Seventh, we were "assaulted" by a wave of [men in the Ward] that desired to teach with us and now we have 6 days of lessons with members!!!!

Those are only some of the most prominent miracles that we have seen here this week! I wish you a wonderful week and a happy Monday!  Love, Elder Reed"

Elder Jeria in the internet cafe that is used each week to write home/read emails.

Elder Reed and Elder Maxwell - companions!