Friday, May 15, 2015

May 11, 2015 update

A "Mototaxi" there in Estaca Vitarte

Preparation day - bowling!

Elder Reed eating at a Burger King - expensive, but "IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!" :)

Preparation day - cleaning the apartment! :)

Elder Reed said that he wished all Moms a Happy Mother's Day - the family had a great time speaking with him on Mother's Day [especially his Momma! :) ]. 

Here are a couple more pictures Elder Reed shared this week:
Elder Arroyo, me, Elder Horo, and Elder Wilding

Celebrating the success at having opened the accidentally-locked door to the bathroom! :)
Elder Reed shared that he is very grateful he was able to speak with his family in Ohio and Indiana on Mother's Day, as he missed hearing speakers from his "native land". :)  We (his family) learned that he'd twisted his ankle several months ago, but that it is healing nicely. We appreciate all the prayers in his behalf!

Elder Reed's spiritual thought for this week: "This week's spiritual thought comes from. . . the scriptures. :)  John 13:16. Read it & then think of your position wherever you are. Why do you think you are there? God knows you have the ability to do well in your area. He wants you now to use that position for "the perfecting of the saints" in your [sphere of influence]... and maybe even the future saints. Remember that God is no respecter of persons and that he holds everybody in the same respect. As should we!"

Until next time, Elder Reed wishes everyone a great week!