Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 9th, 2015 update

Elder Reed's family letter this week shared how much he will miss the people of the Los Sauces I area (Surco Stake [regional area]), where he has been since October. He felt confident he was going to be transferred and, as it turns out, he was. He is now in the Vitarte area [another area in Lima] and has a new companion. He said that, whatever the circumstance, he will adapt and continue to work to the best of his ability. [Good advice for all of us!]

From Elder Reed: "This past week has been interesting in that I have been allowed to use my Spanish ... and I've said some pretty interesting things (see "The Best Two Years" [a movie] for reference). That's how you learn, but I can't help smacking myself in the forehead later... sigh.

I actually have developed something like a small cold that only affects me in the morning! The morning weather here (and the pollution) vary so much (but not the pollution) that I can't walk 10 steps w/o feeling the need to sneeze. Sometimes it is a really good sensation, but most of the time the combination of walking and sneezing is very strange. 

As word has spread that I'm going to be transferred, I have come to see just how loved I am in this ward. It's AWESOME! I have also seen the progress of my Spanish. There was a North American girl here in our ward yesterday & I was able to translate for her... what a cool feeling! Here in this ward I have met all kinds of cool people: 2-time South American Bowling Champion (sister-in-law to my pensionista), one of the first missionaries in Peru, and obviously everybody else!"

Here are some pictures he sent as well. Remember that we may never know the impact we have on others, but we WILL have an impact!

The Chapel where the missionaries spent part of their preparation day.
Elder Reed's pensionista, who set everything up - bless her! :)
The missionaries "pigging out", as Elder Reed puts it. :)
A bag that Elder Reed purchased - this one is better suited for what he is doing. (And it is super cool with the mission information and his name!)
A Peruvian Standard Time joke... apparently Peruvians aren't known for being on time...?