Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 3rd, 2015 update

Elder Reed's update this week consisted of the family and friends letter, so I'll type it here for you all:

"3 Agosto, 2015
Dear Family and Friend,
  How have you all been lately? I have walked a lot every day this week in the hopes that we will find a lesson. This week has been the 4th of July for Peru (the 28th of July is when they celebrate Independence Day). Almost exactly like the school district [back home in Ohio], we got no break for the 3 days that there was ABSOLUTELY NOBODY in the streets or in their homes. We've contacted mostly, but the Creator of All hasn't said "when there is a holiday, thou shalt rest (if thou be-ist mine missionary)", so I guess we continue until we become sick, are released as missionaries, or both.

  This week was cool (other than the walking we did) because we met with a member whom we have never met before and is having troubles in his family and he prayed. He prayed that he could receive help. We weren't told this until after my companion shared Alma 8:14-15. Read it and then read this paragraph again. That lesson sure made my day much better! [We never know how the Lord will have us help others!]

  Many people say that missionaries are angels in the flesh. The question now is, what is an angel? An angel is simply a heavenly messenger. With that in mind, all missionaries have been called by a living prophet of the Living God. They are later set apart for a period of time as messengers of the restored gospel, a heavenly message. Now we put together the two pieces of information and we have divinely called men & women who carry a message from heaven: Angels. 

  I bear my testimonio to you all that if you are willing to put God before yourself, you will not only be benefiting yourself, but the lives of all those around you. This is what God wants. This is why He wants it this way; you and I and everyone can be real instruments of good in His hands.

  I love you and wish you a very good week filled with blessings from on high!  Sincerely, Elder Reed"