Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 10th, 2015 update

Time is flying by! It's been 10.5 months already!

Elder Reed sent the cover of a 2014 Ensign magazine, with the following information: "This is a pic of that issue... and I know who is in it and where it was taken!!!!!!!!!! the boy is the son of my pensionista and the girl is his cousin! They live in the same house I do!!!!!! WOW I FEEL SO COOL!" See below...

It is definitely a small world in the Gospel! :)

Elder Reed said: "This week was a bit trying with the drizzle and colder weather, but I can't believe that ANOTHER week has flown by!" Very different from the heat of the Ohio Valley right now. :)

Here are some excerpts from his weekly letter: 

"Dear Family y Amigo(a), I just want to write Happy Birthday to all of you out there who have recently, are, or will shortly be celebrating your birthday!

This week was a week of miracles. First off, we had interviews with President Boswell. I have never before in my life been more at ease with the prospect of an interview than I am with my very own mission president. Second, while we were there waiting in line for interviews, we received a training for the Church referral site... If you have a referral, try to use "Referral Manager"... if it doesn't work, talk to the missionaries in your area. 

The third item on my list is that these past 2 weeks have seen a dramatic increase in the number of priesthood holders willing to go out with us to teach lessons. I felt very blessed to be in a ward where the member response is very much alive!

The fourth and fifth items are people we've met that we have started teaching. They both are what we as missionaries would call "chosen ones" because of their willingness to accept the Gospel [with all its truths] and here again: members coming with missionaries to the appointments! If you can help, please please try to find time to help the missionaries in your area fulfill their calling as servants of the Lord... [there are needs all around for help like this!] You will be blessed [as you give of your time for the Lord], the missionaries and the other person will be blessed, and there will be an extraordinary opportunity for the investigator to be fellowshipped, and you will have found a new friend! :)

I hope you enjoy your week! Love, Elder Reed"