Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20th, 2015 update

This week, Elder Reed and I were "chatting" through email about the time it takes a letter to get there (snail mail, you know, the way mail used to always be delivered.... ha ha!) - Elder Reed said that it takes a letter between 3-6 weeks to get TO him from the U.S., but that it takes about 15 days for a letter to come FROM him to the U.S. and we are currently waiting to see if that's fairly accurate. We will know by next week. :)

Elder Reed again forgot to include his Mom on the general email sent out [*ahem*] and hopes he will remember next week. :)

One picture that was sent, showing a multizone picture of missionaries - this was apparently taken a couple of months ago:

From Elder Reed's letter this week: "For those in the States, how is the summer treating you? For those below the equator, how is the winter treating you? This week was pretty eventful as transfers were named / called, and I was told to stay in San Borja with Elder Cueva from Piura, Peru for another six weeks! With that notice, we received a call from the Zone Leaders on Friday, and we were told that President Boswell is going to accompany us for 4 hours this coming Thursday (my 10-month anniversary! :) )  I have mixed feelings as I know that having your mission president in 1 lesson is incredibly helpful and nerve-racking at the same time, but for 3-4 lessons! I look forward to seeing him.

This week I was able to witness the active power of the priesthood in the home no less than 2 times. I witnessed the father, the patriarch of the home, exercise righteously his priesthood authority to bless his family member. There is a scripture I like on the topic of Fatherhood and the incredible gift that is the priesthood: Matthew 7:11 - "If ye then, being evil" {I'm not saying you are evil! - it's just a part of the verse!} "know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father, which is in Heaven, give good things to him that ask him?"

Now I was very blessed to have been a witness to blessings before, but never before has a priesthood blessing affected me so much so. The recipients not only have a loving Father in Heaven, but are also blessed with a loving earthly father or husband that is worthy and willing to use their God-given gift for the benefit of the other sons and daughters of God. That is what the priesthood is all about: service to others and service to God. I am so very grateful that I am counted worthy to have the Higher Priesthood and can participate in the salvation of so many people all at once. Like a temple recommend, I exhort you all to be constantly worthy to participate in and/or exercise the power and authority of our Creator! The blessings will come! I guarantee it! 

I love you and wish you a great week! Love, Elder Reed"

[This catches up the updates for now - remember to count all your blessings - there are so many!]