Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 1, 2015 update

Elder Reed shared some of his weekly letter to the Mission President: 

This week was a draining week. Our numbers weren't quite as good as we could have hoped, but we won't let that get us down! We have even set new goals that are going to start to better our existing problems. We changed cuartos, sanded, painted, and cleaned, and moved everything. Several nights in a row we came home, planned, did what needed to be done after and plopped right down on to the bed. We were so tired. It is probably a good thing that we didn't go to the sealing of our members, due to time, but I was very, very pleased that they (to use their words exactly) "finally" get the covenant made!

Other than this we have also been tying to help better our ward council. Our bishop is very apt and ready to listen to our suggestions and those of the member of the Seventy that came for the Vitarte Stake Conference! Wow, have I seen a great change in the way our ward works! It is great when the leaders want to do the right thing!"

From Elder Reed's family letter:

"This week was pretty interesting... we sanded, painted, cleaned, and painted and repaired and sanded and moved everything out of our old apartment. I think I got sick from all the paint fumes and paint particles that I, out of circumstance, inhaled. I also saw a massive shift in the weather here in Peru. In 2 days the temperature dropped about 10 degrees Fahrenheit and started that misting thing that I had described in my time in the CCM. Yesterday, Sunday, was the only day that you could actually see the sun. It felt really good! :)

We all, collectively, killed another rat that we found in the new apartment we have. We are/were paying a good amount of money to have a rat rent the area too! [Ha ha] The rest of the utilities and rooms were free! :) :)

My spiritual thought this week comes from President Boswell [the Mission President] and tithing, but it can apply itself to a lot of other things. We shouldn't wait until we have used 90% of our income to pay for the 10% of tithing we owe to Heavenly Father. It is much more difficult to pay in the end and not in the beginning. Faith is an action word and I believe that Nike put it just right: "Just do it." The Father of All knows just how to succor His children and we should know that he wants to bless us. We should follow the commandments simply because we love our Father. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Enjoy your rat-free week! Love, Elder Reed"

"Our new small room!"

Poor rat.... 

Until next time, remember to count your blessings!